I’m in Airplane Mode Metal Camp Mug



🞜 Original design by Plaid Oak
🞜 10 fluid ounces
🞜 Metal, Cast Iron with Stainless Steel Rim
🞜 Not Dishwasher safe, as it may fade the design over time.
🞜 NOT microwave safe (I mean really. It’s metal!!)


I’m in Airplane Mode Enamel Camping Mug.

No wifi, no internet — just blue skies, mountains, trees, and chirping birds. This cute boho design featuring little yellow airplanes, and blue fluffy clouds, is printed on a white mug, wrapping around to both sides.

Enjoy this sturdy, 10 ounce metal camping mug that is beautiful, yet rugged enough for sitting out by the campfire. A white gloss enamel coated cast iron camp mug, with a stainless steel rim– perfect for both hot and cold beverages. Lightweight but sturdy, perfect for your RV, cabin, tent, travel, hiking, or home enjoyment.

This mug is NOT dishwasher or microwave safe. Due to the rustic nature of camp mugs, you may see small imperfections in the mug (like bumps and bubbles)… but that just adds to the charm in my opinion.


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