Camp Catastrophe 2020 Mens/Unisex t-shirt (Version 1)


Camp Catastrophe 2020 commemorative unisex t-shirt– get the first edition now, before it becomes vintage next week! The current version of this t-shirt could change with the next puff of wind from the Sahara… or who knows what else, right?

Find version 2 here.



Camp Catastrophe 2020 unisex t-shirt. At locations literally around the globe, Camp Catastrophe 2020 is a blast you’ll never forget. Get your commemorative t-shirt here. Whether you’re getting buff at the gym so you can beat down rioters, or smashing through frantic toddler moms in line for toilet paper, your Camp Catastrophe 2020 t-shirt says to all, “Outta my way. I’ve got this!” Please note, the current version of the t-shirt could change with the next puff of wind from the Sahara, so get your first edition now, before they become vintage next week. Tied around your head, the t-shirt can double as a mask in places that say “No mask, no service!” Show the world that you’re a survivor of Camp Catastrophe 2020. Or, at least the first few months of it.

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