Oakie the Bear (the Plaid Oak mascot) has been dreaming about living the Airstream Life for his entire life…and now he’s living the dream!

Oakie has had a very exciting first few weeks of living in his new (to him) 30 foot Classic Airstream.

His list of adventures so far includes seeing one of his relatives from a distance– a big black bear who was snooping around the campground, playing in the creek and building a dam with his human family, laying on the top of the Land Rover watching shooting stars, meeting many very nice and interesting Airstream neighbors, going to a flea market where his humans were selling some of their creations, participating in a scavenger hunt for a watermelon that was hidden in the creek (and then eating it), and last but definitely not least, meeting one of the last living original members of Conway Twitty‘s band!

Billy Weir and his lovely wife were glamping just a few campers down from Oakie, so his humans ended up meeting them– which evolved into a wonderful evening of singing, playing guitar, exchanging stories, and artwork, and really connecting. It was a magical time!

Human #5 was able to jam with Mr. Billy and get a lot of guitar instruction and tips. What a blessing!

Japheth, the Airstream planter, is also very happy after getting a new hairstyle since his last hairstyle died.

Stay tuned for more Airstream adventures with Oakie the Bear and his family!

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